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The Doge Mine

FaucetHub's first WMP-based miner that pays in DOGE coins! Get ~2.5 DOGE for every 1M hashes mined. We have an easy-use web miner, a desktop GUI miner, and manual configuration available for other XMR-based mining software. Leverage your hardware and earn DOGE!


BTC Spin Rotator

My premier BTC faucet rotator, determined at random rather than a simple one-by-one method. It may not be as effective as some, but it keeps things interesting. Sites are checked three times a week for quality. Be warned, popups and other unwanted things will happen with these faucets.
If you'd like your BTC faucet featured on our rotator, PM tacocat.site on FaucetHUB!


Coingrabr BTC Mining

While not officially a Tacocat service, we endorse Coingrabr for BTC mining (with more mineable coins in the works). Join use my link to join and let me know on Discord or our Telegram chat for a quick bonus!


AutoDoge Auto Faucet

Get around 100 DOGE satoshi every 15 seconds automatically with no shorterner or almost no ads! Just start the claiming process and get free DOGE while you go about your day or night!


Dogedrip Faucet

A no-hassle doge faucet with a zero timer, zero ads and 100 allowable claims a day with a minimum of 0.02 DOGE coin for each claim!


The following services do NOT require a FaucetHUB account and are available to everyone!


LazyHits Promotion

Have a faucet, service or other website you'd like to promote? Get unlimited traffic to your website for $25 USD payable in 4 coins or USD with direct FaucetHUB payment options available! Your site does not have to be crypto related.


Paypal Mining

Quite possibly the first and only simple, no-frills mining site that pays directly in USD via Paypal! Accrual rate is $1 per 200M hashes with a $5.00 minimum withdraw threshold. The site is still under construction but is fully functional!


Free Hosting Option: Tired of forced ads or required "sleep time" on free hosting platforms? Need someone to host your faucet or other crypto related sites free of charge with no nonsense? Send me a message, I can help!


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Coingrabr Discord, the biggest FH mining commnunity: https://discord.gg/v7nc25y

The unofficial FaucetHUB Discord: https://discord.gg/tKRfM4R

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