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An explanation of our links


Intangir BTC

Our original BTC faucet, up to 15 satoshis every 10 minutes with 50% referral earnings. It has very mild ads and no popups or popunders, but does use a gui-controlled miner set to a low intensity. It may be disabled for mobile devices but please keep it on for all others.


The Doge Mine

FaucetHub's first WMP-based miner that pays in DOGE coins! Get up to 3 DOGE for every 1M hashes mined. We have an easy-use web miner, a desktop GUI miner, and manual configuration available for other XMR-based mining software. Leverage your hardware and earn DOGE!


Looking for BTC instead? Try our new beta mining service Equishare.


BTC Spin Rotator

My premier BTC faucet rotator, determined at random rather than a simple one-by-one method. It may not be as effective as some, but it keeps things interesting. Sites are checked three times a week for quality. Be warned, popups and other unwanted things will happen with these faucets.
If you'd like your BTC faucet featured on our rotator, PM tacocat.site on FaucetHUB!


Equishare Mining

A new concept in mining, where everyone is rewarded for the combined efforts instead of just their own! Everyone who contributes a minimum of 1M hashes per pay period is eligible for an equal share of the mining pool; this is truly team mining and best of all, you don't have to have a powerful PC or make lots of referrals to make it big! Just keep your miner active and profit!


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